BoonDoggle Creations

You can find Boondoggle/Craft Lace/RexLace/Lanyard string/Gimp at nearly any craft store!

You can find them at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn fabrics and any other craft store. WalMart may not be a crafty store but they have these strings too! Now, i have heard these been called many different things : Boondoggle, Craft Lace, RexLace, Lanyard and Gimp. But i have heard Boondoggle as the most common name, so thats what i call it.
<<--  They come in little bundles of each color you see in the package. The colors i have here are just some of the many colors there are. But i have only seen normal colors, i havent seen glow-in-the-dark or holographic or even neon. There are some others too : Tri-colored and discontinued. I dont know what discontinued looks like, but by the name these colors are no longer made. You can also find these strings online and buy them online.